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A market of more than thirty million people, opens to foreign investment this 2020.
Venezuela, the best opportunity for new business, prepare your company to participate in this new exciting market, at MVA we are here to guide you.


Hundreds of companies are coming to Venezuela, a market where competition is low and the forecasts for a possible economic upturn are more than encouraging, a population eager for quality products and services. Business opportunities are available for companies for companies of any size. Take advantage of the moment and ensure that your company has a presence in Venezuela and is prepared to participate in this new and exciting market.
At Monasterio Villamizar & Asociados our lawyers will help you explore the best options and opportunities for your company.

Nuevo negocios

The best opportunity to acquire properties in the region.

Venezuela represents the best opportunity for low-cost real estate investment with revaluation forecasts in the short and medium term, allowing the acquisition of properties for a fraction of real cost. Our firm can assist you in making your real estate investments in the safest way. Let's talk and allow us to advise you on the best properties available, the safest and most attractive areas to invest, as well as the fulfillment of all legal procedures with the best team of lawyers in Caracas to guarantee your investment.

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