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Accounting practice


  • Advice on updating and accounting processing. Data processing service:

      - Accounting

      - Inventories

      -  Fixed assets

      - Payroll.

  • Restatement of financial statements due to inflation (DPC -10).​

  • Business management, tax and organizational diagnosis.​

  • Support in the accounting process of the escrow.​

  • Final and Estimated Declaration of Municipal Taxes.​

  • Review of the purchase, sale and VAT summary books.​

  • Consulting on compliance with providence 0257 of the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service on the invoices issued by the client.

  • Preparation of Quarterly Financial Statements.​

  • Preparation of Declarations including withholdings:   ​

     - IVA (Taxes added - by its initials in Spanish: Impuesto al valor agregado)  ​

     - ISLR (Income Tax)​

  • Tax planning.

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