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More than 20 years of


With proven legal effectiveness

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Calculations of social benefits and others labor benefits


We carry out all calculations relating to social benefits, settlements and benefits of legal or contractual origin.

Representation before Labor Courts and Inspectorates

We have a team of specialized lawyers with years of experience in labor litigation to defend your interests.

Our services extend to the representation of the company before its workers in cases of collective or individual conflicts.



We are with you step-by-step.

Such an important decision ought to have the appropriate advice

We are the only law firm in Venezuela that has established alliances with law firms in the countries where the largest colonies of Venezuelans have settled. This allows us in the beginning to advise and assist Venezuelans in their migratory process since they are in Venezuela; after their arrival in the destination country, the attention is provided by our allied firms regarding everything related to the monitoring and conclusion of the immigration process, divorces, children international custody, international adoption, etc. We currently have alliances in Ecuador, Argentina and Peru.


Separation is just the first step.

It is a difficult moment, we know, but it is just the first step, fundamental aspects of your life are at stake, such as your heritage, the care of your children, your standard of living, and peace. Because we acknowledge this, we pay special attention to these cases to be treated only by lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in the field, our team will give you the security and tranquility of knowing that you are making the right decisions.

Our services: divorces, coexistence regime, custody, obligation to support.

Do you want more information? We have specialized lawyers interested in knowing your case. I want to know more

Is your query about divorce or separation? Go to our section regarding this subject, in which you will be able to consult with our specialized lawyers. Tell us about your case. We're here for you.




More than 20 years of experience with proven legal effectiveness.
                              —Warren Buffet.

Investments, company management, and all aspects of corporate life today require specialized advice.

Our team of corporate lawyers have vast experience in issues such as the creation of different types of companies, sale and transfer of shares, holding of meetings, ossification of corporate assets, mergers, liquidations. Our attorneys have provided services at prestigious companies as legal advisors, providing the legal support executives need to make the right decisions.


Similarly, we have attorneys specialized in tax and parafiscal consulting, that is, the most daily yet necessary legal issues in the life of your company.


There is no other time in which you’ll need more a lawyer

Expert lawyers with solid and persevering arguments.
It is our promise.

Representation and assistance in all phases of the criminal process, be it initiated by the ordinary procedure or any of the special procedures contained in the criminal adjective rule (COPP).


Representation and assistance in filing recursive actions before the Courts of Appeals of the country's judicial circuits and before the Constitutional and Criminal Cassation Chambers of the Supreme Court of Justice.


Representation and comprehensive assistance to victims of public action crimes or dependents of the party's instance, before the Public Ministry and criminal courts at the national level.


Bank & Businesses

Businesses today need the legal backing to ensure their execution

Advice in the process of promotion and operation of Banks and other Institutions of the Banking Sector; Bank mergers and acquisitions; Consulting and structuring of credit projects; structuring of related products and services; outsourcing services of prudential and accounting regulatory legal consulting

Banca y Negocios
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